It’s a new age of public relations and we’re ready. Are you?

Founded in July 2016, we’re a Dallas-based, woman-owned business that doesn’t like formulas. Just like you, our clients, we’re flexible and innovative. We know that each client requires a unique, personalized media plan that allows you to break through all of the noise and set yourself above the competition.

Competition is healthy, and we like to win. Winning can mean a lot of different things – a sold-out event, a front-page cover story or an appearance on a morning show seen by millions. We take you beyond a press release, put on our detective hats and do our best investigative work to understand the story you have to tell the world. Once we have your story, we create ownable moments that showcase the real you and tailor messaging to your influencers. The rest, as they say, is history. In short, we work to understand your needs, amplify your message and create buzz. Simple enough, right? All the while, we’re authentic, fun and always transparent.